Tacky Tourist - Tanya (Montreal)

August 17, 2011

This is the second week of our guest blog series to compare other parts of the world while Charlotte is visiting Canada for August & September. Our guests this week are Tanya from Montreal and Lauren from Cape Town.

Tanya on where she lives:
Montreal is an incredible, bustling metropolis that is an amazing infusion of Old World European lifestyle and Canadian quirkiness. Street art, hand painted signs, street performers, one can't help but be inspired by my surroundings.

Tanya on Tanya:
Having been bit of a nomad for most of my life, I find myself drawing inspiration from a lot of different places. This in conjunction with a thirst for new experiences and knowledge, ideally enriches my art.

See Tanya’s work on her website tanyalam.com, read her blog tanyalam.com/blog and follow her on twitter @tanyerlamb.


  1. I did not think this blog could get more awesomer until Tanya Lam was on it. Now my mind is blown.

    PS: Tanya makes a pretty hot granny.