Our Project

There and Here is an ongoing collaborative design project to compare, explore and bring together the lives of two designers and friends separated by the sea. We are Chelsea and Charlotte, currently based in Canada and South Africa respectively.

Our weekly posts include day to day comparative snapshots, photos from our weekends and collaborations between the two of us. For our collaborations one of us does a design to feature a quirk, statistic or personal detail of the place they are currently in, challenging the second person to create a design based on the first but observing their own place in a similar fashion. Whenever we're lucky enough to be together in the same place we invite guests to contribute by sharing unique aspects of their worlds.

This project explores the differences and similarities of our lives in very different parts of the world. We've spent quite some time apart thinking about what separates us and what brings us together and use this blog, paired with our mutual love of design, to share our thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by!

With love, from here to there.