Local Pub - Ben (Calgary)

September 21, 2011

This is the seventh week of our guest blog series to compare other parts of the world while Charlotte is visiting Canada for August & September. Our guests this week are illustrators Che from Paju & Ben from Calgary.

There’s just something about a pub that’s two flights of stairs underground; dank, ill-lit, and a bit dirty but comfortable. It’s like all those crappy basements you hung out in as a teen; sitting around on couches that haven’t been cleaned since god-knows-when. And you drink and you draw and you laugh. And you realise there’s something special about a place like this and the people you’re there with.

 Dickens is on 9th & 9th in Calgary.

Ben Rankel is a comic maker, illustrator and graphic designer. He’s interested in alcohol, comics and social justice. He is currently living in Calgary, a place he says "seems stuffed-full of white collars and right wings but if you look a little harder you’ll find the real city, a place jam-packed with art, culture and progressive minds". You can find him on twitter @benrankel or read his current comic projects Wretched Little Creatures and Terminals: The Mystery Gang.


  1. Ben, I haven't been to Dickens in years yet as soon as I saw your illustration I recognized it immediately. Great work, so happy to have you!

  2. I also haven't been to Dickens in years - but I agree, it is a great place. Thanks so much Ben, this looks great!

  3. Thanks for bringing me in! It was a lot of fun to do!