2011 turns into 2012 - Charlotte

January 10, 2012

Eish! it has been too long since we have posted - and we apologize profusely. Chelsea & I thought it would be a great idea to give you a little glimpse of what has been keeping us so busy and unable to blog.

This was my first South Africa Christmas - and oh how festive it was! The celebrations began early and just didn't stop. We had plenty of gatherings before Christmas on the lake, singing Christmas carols, opening prezzies, eating too much delicious food and drinking copious amounts of vino. On Christmas day we drove to Tzaneen where we joined 55 of R's family members and had a huge Christmas lunch complete with Vodka & Gin litchi's for dessert.

The next morning R & I started on our adventure. We decided we wanted to do something a little different over the holidays so we got in his bakkie with all our camping gear and headed up North into the Kruger National Park. Our first stop was before the Park in the Makuya Game Reserve were we rented a beautiful tented camp at the African Ivory Route Mutale Falls camp. Was an absolutely fabulous spot that we could have spent days enjoying - but we headed on. One night at Punda Maria rest camp, then one night at Letaba rest camp and spent our final night at Tsendze rustic camp.

We then left the Kruger park thru the Giriyondo gate and headed to Bilene where we joined R's parents, sister and a few friends for 5 days of beaches, boating, boozing and plain ol relaxing. We had a wild new years in the town centre with all the locals letting off hundreds of fireworks and we danced the night away at a local spaza shop drinking RnR's (Rum & Raspberry).

Was a fabulous start to a new year full of new dreams, ideas, hopes and adventures.

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