Surrounding Countries

February 16, 2012


  1. History lesson indeed!

  2. Beautiful design. I love that both of you are following your passion no matter where in the world it leads you. I can tell by snooping around your blog that you two ladies have a special bond, it is refreshing to see. I hope you are both having an amazing time on your travels, adventures and day to day lives in a different country.
    I will not lie I am a bit jealous ;)
    Have an adventurous weekend!
    Much Love,
    P.S. I think we need to change that just your mom's are commenting on your blog because you ladies are wonderful!

    1. Crystal - Thank you so much for your kind words! and thank you for being one of the only other people that comment other than our moms :) Maybe you are right and you have now changed the trend!

      We can't WAIT to be together again soon ( Chelsea & I), but this blog keeps us close during the time in between!

      Take Care Crystal! Lots of love from there and here.