Spencer Goldade - What I love about Japan

June 18, 2012

While we're in the same place for the next few months we've invited guests to contribute to There & Here by telling us what they love about their favourite place in the world. Our guest this week is Spencer from Calgary, Canada.

Spencer Goldade - Cicada, Japan
What I love about Japan is that it is like a cicada.

My time in Japan has been a wonderfully confusing journey. The entire country seems to be abuzz with activity. But, like the beautiful cicada, who is happy to greet you from a distance, Japan may also be shy and guarded up close.

Each person there holds onto an inspiring commitment to honor and respect that fuels their actions, which was often presented as an enigma to this foreign traveler.

Spencer Goldade is an illustrator, designer and all around creative kind of guy, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Website: www.monkeyslunch.com
Twitter: @spencergoldade 
abstract project: 365abstracts.tumblr.com/

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