Sarin Harrison - What I love about Kananaskis Country

August 14, 2012

While we're in the same place for the next few months we've invited guests to contribute to There & Here by telling us what they love about their favourite place in the world. Our guest this week is Sarin from Calgary, Canada.
Sarin Harrison - Kananaskis Country

What I love about Kananaskis Country is the escape into peace and tranquility it offers.

This place cannot be adequately described in words. In fact, pictures don't even do it justice. I've spent summers and winters in the parks of Kananaskis Country and every time I travel here, I'm reminded why I'm drawn to this part of the Canadian Rockies. It's not just the immense snow-topped mountains that humble you with their presence; or the crystal-clear glacier-fed waters that flow from mountain to mountain; nor is it the winding trails and pathways that you can explore at end... these are all wonderful parts of Kananaskis, but not the best part.

No, the best part is how each experience of whatever you are doing in Kananaskis brings you back to a simplistic and pure point of living, where you rely on yourself and the company you're with, where you feel the joy of being alive in such a beautiful place that your heart almost bursts, and you forget about everything else in your life that can, for the moment, be forgotten. The fresh air, big skies and serene landscapes are perfect elements to escape into from a crazy, busy, non-stop life which many of us live. For that, Kananaskis is my favourite place to be.

Sarin Harrison - Kananaskis Country
Sarin Harrison - Kananaskis Country
Sarin Harrison - Kananaskis Country

Sarin Harrison
Sarin Harrison resides in Calgary, Alberta - just a hop, skip and jump away from her most favourite place ever. You can find her on Instagram at sarin_dipity as she captures moments with her favourite people in her favourite places doing her favourite things. 

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