Amanda Bullick - What I love about living in Vancouver,

September 28, 2012

What I love about living in Vancouver is the thriving Art community.

It’s been around 5 years since I moved to Vancouver and every day that I am here, I learn about another fantastically talented person. This city is so full of creative people, it’s overwhelming sometimes. New bands, theatre groups, dance troupes, artists or designers, this city is chock full of wildly creative forces that continue to inspire me and my art. Here are only a few of these wonderful people that fill this city with so much life and culture, photographed by me through my studio Brutally Beautiful.

Jess Hill
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Jess Hill is a storyteller whose delicately constructed lyrical worlds captivate, standing firmly with her blues‐draped compositions. Her music will smash your heart, pinch you in your sweetest nerves, give pause to the present and sing you to sleep all in one gently fierce moment.

see more from this shoot

Through their dances, the women of Luciterra embody commitments to social justice, holistic health, and art innovation. They dance an intensely feminine and edgy fusion of old world vocabularies with new school stylings, to create an effect that is elusive, powerful, and compelling.

Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret

Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret is a collective of professional and emerging artists based in East Vancouver. They create, perform and engage their community in home spun tales within elaborate worlds of found‐objects and bygone aesthetic, hosting journeys of rediscovery of old treasures and stories well known to your hearts.

Amanda Bullick is a photographer living in East Vancouver. She is a creative force, coaxing magic out of the everyday. Described as raw and grotesque, she finds the balance between darkness and elegance. Her images express themes of innocence, honesty and beauty as well as misery, decay and fear with eloquence.


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