Pumpkin Patch - Children's TV Show, South Africa

March 06, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Lets be perfectly honest here, this design did NOT work out as well as Chelsea's design. That is what is fun about our design collaborations though, sometimes they are easy to base the design off of what the other designer sent us that week, and sometimes it is not.

Since I did not grow up in South Africa and have only been here for the past 3 years, I have no idea if this show was popular or not. Good ol' Google told me that this was a South Africa show in the 80's and that because of a cultural embargo, there weren't many other children's shows on from other countries at the time. Correct me if I am wrong! I always ask R for advice when doing my blog and he said he thought Pumpkin Patch was cheesy when he was young; he was more of a power rangers kind of kid.

You can read the article that I found about Pumpkin patch here.

Also: Here is our design side by side - the way we used to format our collaborations, so that you can see the designs comparatively. It is now my turn to come up with a design and theme for Chelsea, look out Chelsea, I am gonna make this next one a doosy!

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