National Anthems

April 25, 2011


  1. How have you both gone about deciding/agreeing on a design direction for each project? Do you take alternating turn as art director on each piece? Or do you collaboratively try to find a style you both dig?

    Also, generally, how long are you spending on each piece?

  2. Hey Ben,

    We take turns art directing the designs, beginning with our own country and then passing it on to the other person to create the match for their country. The design on the left is always the original design.

    It seems we are spending a fair bit of time on each design, which is why we aren't posting daily. It is a bit of a tough balance to keep posting regularly while creating designs we are happy with!

    Thanks so much for your support so far. Would love any feedback you can offer as you have been doing the blog thing for much longer than we have!

  3. Really great topic, sharp design also. I like the combination of taking the 'everyday, and your intrepretation of life.
    I wish you could hear the South African Anthem, at a South Africa rugby game. The differences the three languages make in combination with their historical significance,says a lot about South Africa

  4. Thanks Murray! When I make it over to South Africa we will have to go to a game. Over here we rarely ever sing our anthem in both languages, usually it's just english.