Here & Everywhere - Daniel (Glasgow, Calgary, Toronto...)

August 24, 2011

This is the third week of our guest blog series to compare other parts of the world while Charlotte is visiting Canada for August & September. Our guests this week are world travellers Daniel, currently living in Toronto, and Jenna, currently living in Ottawa. They have grown to become close friends of ours and are unique in that they are our only contributors who know one another in real life.

Glasgow has always felt like a second home to me, where I’ve been lucky to connect with my family’s roots. With a reputation of being a little rough around the edges, Glasgow is actually a treasure trove of world class art, music and fashion scenes - not to mention the endless cobbled streets, green parks, lively pubs, free museums and stunning sandstone architecture that can keep anyone endlessly interested in exploring its culture.

I’ve spent half my life in the growing city at the edge of the prairies and seat of the mountains, and will always count it as one of my many homes. The best part about Calgary is the people, I always say, but this place is just coming into its own as a world class hub of just about everything. I’ll always travel back.
Where I was born, and where I always hope to come back to. Toronto’s charms are found in its vibrant neighbourhoods and vast multiculturalism. Food, finance, history, sport, academia, culture - there are millions of reasons people flock here. Reconnecting with this city as an adult, after spending many years away, has allowed me to fall in love all over again. I find a new favourite corner of the city almost every day. For those who love the urban life, Toronto is a gem.

Daniel on where he lives in Toronto:
I live near the Little Italy and Little Portugal neighbourhoods of Toronto, loud with traffic and the rumbling of street cars, but not far from endless tree-lined residential streets. Close to the vibrant Kensington Market, dozens of great restaurants, cafes, parks and full of graffiti-lined alleys, cyclists, tattooed 20-somethings with streets lined with the three-storey brick heritage buildings found all over Toronto.

Daniel is a writer working in Toronto, moving to Ottawa in the fall to pursue a Master’s degree. The number one question he’s asked: “So, where have you been lately?” He’s obsessed with travel, wine, photography and connecting with passionate and creative people. He also travels and collaborates with the team of Hejorama.

He’s on Twitter @danielblether and his blog is at

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