Here & Everywhere - Daniel & Jenna (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Singapore, Glasgow...)

August 23, 2011

This is the third week of our guest blog series to compare other parts of the world while Charlotte is visiting Canada for August & September. Our guests this week are world travellers Daniel, currently living in Toronto, and Jenna, currently living in Ottawa. They have grown to become close friends of ours and are unique in that they are our only contributors who know one another in real life.

Our life together started with a mutual interest in the travels we each had already taken. In the past few years, as we both build our careers and chase opportunities, we’ve both relocated several times, often ending up thousands of miles apart. We met in Calgary, where both our families are based - with Jenna working and studying in Montreal, Ottawa and Singapore, Daniel in Toronto, Glasgow and soon in Ottawa.

Our passion seems to be in following each other around the globe: Jenna traveling by plane from here, Daniel traveling by train from there. Between work, study and traveling to see each other - whenever the opportunity presents itself - our first interest always seems to be in adventuring the globe. In the past few years we’ve taken off to countries like Mexico, Belize, China (Hong Kong), Indonesia and Laos, and been lost in Bangkok, New York, Vancouver, London, Paris, Prague and the Scottish Highlands - often imagining the life we could build in any one of those places.

At the end of the line, wherever we end up together it always feels like home. And when far apart, we both know the other is working hard, and taking every opportunity to explore and fall in love with the city of the moment.

Check back tomorrow for photos and stories from Daniel and Jenna about the places they've each called home.

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  1. Daniel & Jenna have such drive and ambition. Everyone should look at them to understand what type of person it takes to be successful & happy in life.