Our Weekend - September 9-11, 2011

September 12, 2011

Charlotte and I realized yesterday over a few pints in the sun that we've now been living on different continents for over half the time we've known each other. Over two years ago, when Charlotte first got offered an internship in South Africa, I went from seeing her nearly everyday to spending long stretches of time without any contact at all. When she met a man there that summer, and decided to make her stay there more permanent, we had to find a way to make our long distance friendship work. Since then, thanks largely to smartphones and our blog, we have not only been able to keep in touch but to grow closer, building a unique and lasting friendship different than any I've ever known.

We've had a fantastic time catching up since Charlotte's been back to Calgary this summer. We had a wine and cheese picnic in the park, pizza with our girls from school, a clambake with my Monday Night Supper Club and way too many beers with friends at the Bear & Kilt. On a smaller scale, it has also just been nice to have my best friend on the same time zone for late night drunken texts or for day to day life freak outs...both of which we are prone to from time to time.

Whenever we've gotten together during the month we've had the best intentions to take lots of photos, both for the blog and for ourselves. Despite these intentions we have not managed a single photo together. I think it's because we always find ourselves in genuine enjoyment of one anothers company: we are too busy laughing hysterically at inside jokes, telling elaborate stories from the last year or deep in conversation about what the hell we're going to do with our lives. Instead of taking out our cameras and interrupting these moments we have opted rather to just enjoy the little time we have together than ruin it with awkward photographs.

So, you will have to trust me that we have made some great memories together this summer despite the lack of photographic evidence. Sunday was no exception as what started as a day of exploring Calgary for an upcoming Sadie guest post turned into a day of long talks while eating pub food, riding bikes, drinking beer and lounging on patios. These are the few shots we managed to take and intend to redo the blog post next week with a more focused effort this time (sorry Sarah!). We still have a few weeks left together so who knows, you might see us together yet. If not please know that, regardless, I have had a great time with Charlotte and am so thankful to have had her here.


  1. Lovely! Did you take her on that route we went on to HP? I love that path. :)

  2. Yes! Thank you so much for introducing it to me. We also got distracted by the patio and beer and sunshine and didn't make it into the park.

  3. Yes we did do that route Kait - it is so beautiful. I was a little hungover, so a few of the hills killed me - but all in all it was amazing.

    I have been so impressed with Calgary this summer because I have actually found the time to do some more exploring, and it really is an amazing city with little gems all over the place.

  4. love this. but would also love to see some photos of you two together. I'd pay top dollar!