Breanna Thirlwall - What I love about Rylie's nursery

May 21, 2012

While we're in the same place for the next few months we've invited guests to contribute to There & Here by telling us what they love about their favourite place in the world. Our guest this week is Breanna from Calgary.

DIY baby pillow
What I love about Rylie’s nursery is all the personal touches.

My favourite place is my daughter Rylie's nursery because it is where I sleep walk/stumble to find her smiling and cooing to herself every morning. I am a graphic designer by trade but a DIYer in my heart. Naturally, I am not a fan of packaged/themed anything so I thought my daughter’s room would be the perfect place to add as many personal and unique touches as I could. The room is filled with handmade items from the heart and I can’t wait for her to grow up and know how much thought and love her mom put into her first ever bedroom. I had no idea I would turn into such a corny sap when I became a mom!

DIY baby abacus
It took forever to make this abacus but I love it's school charm...I can only hope it makes her better at math than her mom!

DIY baby ceiling shade
Who knew some fabric stiffener, yarn and a dollar store bouncy ball could turn into this ceiling shade?

DIY baby flashcards
A freebie from I updated each one of these alphabet flashcards to match Rylie’s room.

DIY baby bookshelf
I love typography and I thought these metal, Etsy found, letters were perfect for Rylie’s mini library.

DIY baby pillow
This rosette pillow was made out of Rylie’s dad’s wedding shirt. He had a stain on it so he was never going to wear it again but now it makes a cute pillow.

DIY baby mobile
I made these stuffed owls and matching felt mobile because I really wanted to incorporate some black into the room and it is really hard to find black baby things for some reason...

baby room details
I found a string of lights at the second-hand store for 25 cents and was able to make this marquee R out of some foam core and card stock. The wheely R was sent from Amsterdam by my dear friend, and graphic designer, Rissa.

baby Rylie
I think Rylie likes her room too...

Breanna Thirlwall is a graphic designer living in Calgary, Canada. She's currently on maternity leave, but has been using this “free time” to craft and work on freelance projects while her husband is on baby duty.


  1. You rockstar you!

  2. Awesome Bree!!! I love it!!

  3. Awesome Job Bree!!! I love it and I know Rylie will too when she's old enough to see this page. You're an awesome mom! ~Liz

  4. When Rylie is old enough to understand how super cool her mom is, she is going to love knowing how much effort you put into making her first room so special. Thank you for sharing this with us Bre, this is so special.