Steven Oates - What I love about Shanghai

May 15, 2012

While we're in the same place for the next few months we've invited guests to contribute to our blog by telling us what they love about their favourite place in the world. Our guest this week is Steve from Edinburgh.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

What I love about Shanghai is that it is heaven for a city photographer.

I've been to Shanghai a couple of times, but only for a few days and never with enough free time to see anything other than offices and, if I was lucky, the view from a rooftop hotel bar. So when my employers asked me to relocate from Edinburgh for two months I couldn't wait to get out here with my camera and take the extra time to get out and explore. It's only been two weeks but already I am in love with this place, from the non-stop night life, to the extreme construction (only Chicago has more skyscrapers, but not for long), and getting lost in the old city, there is so much to experience and photograph. Development is happening incredibly fast in Shanghai, it looks more western now than Chinese, and the old Shanghai alleyways are disappearing fast in place of Apple Stores and 5 star hotels, so I feel lucky to catch it this way while I still can. But more than all that, its just a really fun place to live and the food is more varied and delicious than any city I've ever been too. So happy that I have five more weeks here to go.

Pudong skyscrapers, Shanghai Pudong skyscrapers

Shanghai alleyalleyway

The Bund, ShanghaiThe Bund

Shanghai Grand TheatreShanghai Grand Theatre

Shanghai MuseumShanghai Museum

Shanghai restaurantrestaurant

neon elevated road, Shanghaineon elevated road

Shanghai sunsetsunset

Yu Gardens, ShanghaiYu Gardens

Edinburgh photographer Steven Oates
Steven Oates is a Scot from Edinburgh currently exiled in Shanghai. His day job is in finance, but his real passion is photography.

twitter: @wilde_oates
instagram: @wilde_oates


  1. Thanks again Steve - these photos are fabulous! You started our guest series off with a bang!

  2. You are very welcome Charlotte, thank you for including me, it was a pleasure!