Kruger National Park

May 10, 2012

Kruger Park Trip
As you can tell by our lack of blogging, we've been having an amazing time since Chelsea arrived in South Africa last week. The weather's been beautiful and we're loving hanging out at the Lake House, exploring the neighbourhood, cuddling with Chuva and spending countless hours catching up. And while it's been a quiet week on the blog we've been informed by the South African boys in the house that when we get together us Canadians are anything but quiet! We gave them a break by escaping to Kruger National Park for the last few days and had the most incredible time getting lost in the reserve. The days were spent game driving where we saw four of the "Big 5" and a lot of the other African wildlife. We slept over night at rest camps in true safari accommodations, staying up late drinking way too much wine and listening to the hyenas, hippos and lions just beyond the fence.

When we got back from Kruger we realized we took very few photos of our trip. We also didn't take any photos at our braai this weekend or during our trip to town last week. So, we've decided to challenge ourselves to taking (and posting) at least a photo a day to better document our time together. We're also starting a new contributors feature next week so please stick around the blog as we get back into the swing of things!


  1. Great Post! Have a great time together beautiful girls!


    1. Thanks Adrienne! Having a really great time so far, Joburg next week!

  2. Yes, more pictures & stories please!