Guest Contributors and two VERY Ashamed Girls

May 14, 2012

Charlotte & Chelsea - Barnyard, Casterbridge Centre, Mpumalanga

So in our last post, we vowed that we were going to take more photos and post them daily. How many photos have been taken since then you ask? Around three, one of them being the photo above that is definitely the only photo of us together from this past week. We are ashamed, and are really trying to work on our fear of the camera. We are both going to be very upset looking back if we don't have photos that go along with the memories from this trip. And Oh! the memories we are definitely making! This week we are off to Johannesburg, and we promise to post a recap of our trip after the weekend when we return.

Guest Contribution
On another note, since we seem to be doing so poorly at keeping up with the blog and posting photos, and since we will be in the same city now for quite some time, we have decided to invite guests from around the world to contribute to our blog. Our guests have been asked to simply complete the following statement "What I love about       my favourite place        is                        ", and give us a visual or verbal explanation. We are so excited to see what everyone has come up with, and will be starting with our first guest this week.

If you are interested in contributing please email us, and we will send you all the details.

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  1. Love, love this photo of you two!
    Chelsea's Mom