Plains War Bonnet - Aboriginal Headdress, Canada

April 03, 2013

Plains War Bonnet Headdress
Growing up in southwest Calgary only a few minutes from the Tsuu T'ina Nation, I’ve always been fascinated by Aboriginal culture and, more recently, troubled by the misappropriation of it. Despite having long been a recognizable and archetypal American Aboriginal symbol, headdresses, or war bonnets, such as this were worn exclusively by the Plains People, a group of tribes that spanned a massive region including Southern Alberta. War bonnets are most often ceremonial, worn by honoured male warriors as symbols of success in battle and of prestige, earning a feather for each act of bravery. Despite their cultural significance, war bonnets are constantly misappropriated in fashion and popular culture as discussed in this article, Hey, You in the Headdress! by Chelsea Vowel.


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