Our Weekend - April 5-7, 2013

April 09, 2013

So both Chelsea and I have the lucky privilege of being bridesmaids this September! We both did our brides maids duties this weekend - my duties involved driving to Johannesburg to go the Bridal Expo with the rest of the bridesmaids. Before heading to Johannesburg I headed to the farm to see Rog ( see photo 6 - look how cool I am on the back of the truck will all my macadamia friends).  After driving to Joburg we started the night off at Mantra (3), an amazing Indian restaurant ( what made it even more amazing was the fact that we could bring our own booze...). After lots of champers and wine we headed to Mamma's Shebeen and drank far too much more and danced our bridal party asses off. I have only two pictures from that night, and you do NOT need to see those. I also believe there may be a video floating around of me trying to rap the entire "I like big butts" song...

Saturday we woke up with KILLER hangovers and decided that the bridal fair was something we were not capable of doing - so we made appointments to go Wedding dress shopping instead. I think Tanya ( the bride) found "the one". On Sunday, after a big breakfast with the gang, I rushed home to spend some quality time cuddling with my  darling cat on the couch (1) and of course R.

Didn't chat with Chelsea that much since I was away in Joburg but from the sounds of it the weather was quite crappy so she spent some time indoors drinking tea and reading 419 by Will Ferguson (2), then also headed bridesmaid dress shopping (4) on Saturday for her friend Amanda's wedding, and then escaped the cold again on Sunday to go on a date to see Jurassic Park in 3D ( I must be living in a cave, I had no idea this was out? I LOVE jurrasic park!) and then ate at Clive Burger (5).

yumm.. I could really go for a clive burger and beer right now...

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