Sometimes life really gets in the way

May 30, 2013

So it has almost been two months of not blogging and we have been getting the question lately, "are you guys giving up on the blog?"

Our answer is a huge NO. We love our blog, and using it as a creative outlet for the past couple years has been something that Chelsea and I have always looked forward to. Life has really just been REAL lately, if you know what I mean? I am back in Calgary now for an unplanned visit and this year has just taken a path that I wasn't really prepared for. Positive vibes though, and things are all looking up from here. The road of life is filled with speed bumps, but all we have to do is slow down a bit for them and soon we have passed over. A huge plus side to my unplanned visit back to Calgary is that I have been able to spend time with great friends and of course spend time with Chelsea. Also, how cool is Calgary these days?

We have plans! We are keeping this blog going. So to start off, I have to compare a South African headdress to Chelsea's Canadian headdress design. Look for that design coming this week! and perhaps next week we will be back in full swing of things.

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